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What can the integration do?

By integrating Leadmonk with Pipedrive CRM, you can automatically create or update contacts and activities in Pipedrive CRM as meetings are scheduled. This helps to keep your CRM up-to-date. This automation helps to save your sales representative’s time on admin tasks so they can focus on building relationships with customers.

When a Leadmonk meeting is scheduled or canceled, Pipedrive CRM will:

  • Create contacts
  • Create and update activities



NoteYou must be a Leadmonk owner or admin to authenticate Pipedrive CRM for your organization and you must be on a Essential subscription plan and above.

Steps to connect Pipedrive CRM to your Leadmonk account

  • Go to the Integrations page in the Leadmonk app.
  • Look for Pipedrive CRM and Click Configure button.

  • On the Pipedrive CRM Integration page, click Connect button to authenticate and connect.

  • You get below popup. Here you click Allow and Install button to proceed further.



  • Once you successfully connect your Pipedrive account to Leadmonk, you see below status on Leadmonk

The Pipedrive CRM integration has the following default behavior


  • When a meeting is scheduled, Pipedrive CRM will search for the Leadmonk invitee's email in Pipedrive CRM.
  • If Pipedrive CRM does not find a matching contact, then Pipedrive CRM will create a new contact, using the Leadmonk invitee's name and email.
  • If Pipedrive CRM does find a matching contact, Pipedrive CRM will not update their contact properties (such as the contact owner and custom responses). However, Pipedrive CRM will update the contact's activity/engagement details [meeting details].



When an invitee schedules a meeting, a new activity/meeting will be created with the following:

  • Type: Meeting
  • Meeting Name
  • Owner
  • Contact
  • Event Duration
  • Attendee count


The title will have the format Leadmonk: {Event name}.

Making changes to events:

When an event is canceled or rescheduled by either party, the activity will be updated and both parties will be notified. Canceled events will update the activity as [Canceled] <event name> in Pipedrive CRM. The activity does not disappear, giving you a complete history of activity for the account.

How to disconnect Pipedrive CRM in Leadmonk

  1. Go to the Integrations page in the Leadmonk app.
  2. Look for Pipedrive CRM and Select Pipedrive CRM.
  3. Select Disconnect to disconnect Pipedrive CRM from Leadmonk.

Once disconnected, Leadmonk will no longer pass scheduled appointments information to Pipedrive CRM

You can also uninstall Leadmonk app from your installed Marketplace apps in your Pipedrive CRM account. 



I have duplicate events 

Duplicate events may occur on your Google or Outlook calendar calendar if you are using both Leadmonk's calendar sync and Pipedrive CRM's calendar sync. To prevent this from happening, you may choose to turn the Pipedrive CRM calendar sync off. Note that doing so will impact all events in Pipedrive CRM, not only Leadmonk events.

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