How to troubleshoot inbound router form submissions

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This guide helps you troubleshoot issues with processing form submissions from your website landing page through Leadmonk's inbound router.

Common Issues and Solutions

1. Form submission not reaching Leadmonk

  • Missing or Mismatched Embed Code:
    • Verify the Leadmonk inbound router embed code is added to the landing page containing the form. 
    • Ensure the code on your website exactly matches the one provided by Leadmonk (website builder plugins may alter the code).

  • Form ID Mismatch:
    • Check if the form ID used in the Leadmonk inbound router matches the HubSpot/web form ID on your landing page. [Router => Forms]

2. Form Mapping Issues

  • Incorrect Form Type
    • If integrating with HubSpot forms, ensure the form type in the inbound router is "HubSpot form mapping." [Router => Forms]
    • If using a web form, the form type should be "Webform mapping." [Router => Forms]

  • Unmapped External Form Properties
    • Make sure all relevant external form properties are mapped to corresponding Leadmonk form properties in the inbound router. [Router => Forms]

  • Mismatched Field Names
    • Verify that the external form property names specified in the form mapping match your HubSpot/web form field/property names exactly. [Router => Forms]

3. HubSpot Form Redirect Issue

  • URL Redirect on Submission
    • If using HubSpot forms, ensure no URL redirect happens in HubSpot after form submission. This can prevent Leadmonk from receiving the data. [Check form setting in HubSpot]

4. Meeting Queue Rules Not Triggering

  • Queue Rule Misconfiguration
    • Check if meeting queue rules reference the Leadmonk form properties used in the form mapping. [Router => Meeting queues]
    • In the router form submission output, look for any field names marked as "unregistered." If any of those fields are relevant for queue rules, ensure these fields are mapped to Leadmonk properties. [Router => Submissions]

5. Qualification and Routing Issues

  • Incorrect Qualification Rules
    • Verify that form field names are mapped correctly and the right Leadmonk form properties are used in the queue rules. [Router => Meeting queues]

6. Lead Not Qualified or Meeting Not Booked

  • No Queue Processing
    • If no meeting queue or meeting queue with a custom action processed the form submission, the qualified status will be "No." This means the lead was not qualified, and no meeting booking page was shown. [Router => Submissions]
  • Unqualified Lead
    • For unqualified leads, the meeting booking page won't be shown. The report will display "Showed custom message" under meeting booked status. [Router => Submissions]

7. Meeting Booked Status:

  • Meeting Booked
    • If the form submission was qualified, the meeting booking page was displayed, and a meeting was booked, the status will be "Meeting booked". [Router => Submissions]
  • Meeting Not Booked
    • If the meeting booking page was shown but no meeting was booked, the status will be "Meeting not booked". [Router => Submissions]

8. Viewing Detailed Information

You can access detailed information about a form submission by clicking on its entry in Leadmonk (Router => Submissions). This information includes:

  • Form submission details
  • Processing queue (if any)
  • Meeting details (if a meeting was booked)
  • Assigned sales representative (if applicable)

Troubleshooting steps

When you submit a form, check in Leadmonk for a record of the submission by going to Router => Submissions

If there's no entry, it means either the Leadmonk router code isn't embedded in the landing page with the form, or the form ID in the submission doesn't match the one you specified in the Router.

If you see an entry but no meeting booking page appeared on your website, check the "Selected queue" field in the router form submission details [Router => Submissions]. 

A valid queue name here indicates that specific queue processed the request. An empty field means no queue processed it.

If qualification or routing isn't working as expected, verify that form field names are mapped correctly and the right Leadmonk form properties are used in the queue rules. Also, check the router form submission output for any "unregistered" field names. If a relevant field is missing, make sure it's mapped to a Leadmonk property in the form mapping [Router => Forms].

If no meeting queues or queues with custom actions processed the submission, the qualified status will be "No".

This means the meeting booking page won't be shown, and the report will display "Showed custom message" for the booking status.

For qualified submissions, the meeting booking page will be presented. The report will show "Meeting booked" if a meeting is confirmed, or "Meeting not booked" otherwise.

By following these steps and checking for these common issues, you should be able to identify and resolve problems with processing inbound router form submissions in Leadmonk.

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