How to view inbound router submissions?

Modified on Sun, 02 Jun 2024 at 08:36 PM

NOTE: This feature is available only to users on the 'Advanced' subscription plan.


To view router submissions done by inbound leads, go to the Router => Submissions page.

For a selected date range, you can see the overall stats such as number of form submissions, number of qualified submissions, and the number of meetings booked as part of the form submission processing. You can also see all the form submissions for the selected date range. You can also export all submissions to an excel file.


Below are the column details of the above table.

  • Router column indicates inbound router name
  • Submitted column indicates form submission date and time. This timestamp info will be converted to the logged in user timezone before showing the data.
  • Qualified column indicates whether the form request is qualified by any of the meeting queues or not
  • Action column indicates whether meeting booked by client or not. For unqualified leads, whether message set in the inbound router was shown or not.
  • Assigned to column indicates with whom meeting was scheduled. This field is filled only for the qualified leads.

Click on any of these submission records to view the following information:

  • Date of form submission
  • The values entered by the lead in the inbound router form
  • Whether the submission is qualified or not
  • If qualified, which queue processed it
  • Whether a meeting was booked or not
  • If meeting is booked, with whom the meeting was booked

To delete a form submission, click the Delete button in the Form submission details popup window. You will see a confirmation popup to delete the form submission. Click Ok button to proceed further. This action will only remove the form submission, and any associated meeting booking will not be deleted.

In other words, deleting a form submission does not affect the meeting booking that was created from it. The meeting booking will still exist and can still be attended.

  • If the scheduled meeting is cancelled, then that status is also shown on the inbound router submission details page as shown below.
  • Meeting notes also can be viewed/updated from one place (click the tab Meeting notes for that).
  • You can cancel/reschedule the meeting easily by clicking on View/Edit text highlighted in red color box.
  • You can schedule a follow up meeting easily by clicking on 'Schedule invitee again' text highlighted in green color box.

Meeting notification emails and meeting details pages display all form submission data as invitee Q&A, so that sales reps can easily access this information at any time. 

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