Managing Vacation and Unavailable Days: Your Guide to Optimized Scheduling

Modified on Mon, 12 Feb 2024 at 06:59 PM

This documentation outlines the improved features for managing team availability, ensuring fair and efficient meeting/lead distribution.


  • Users only managed unavailable days through their availability profile.
  • These days impacted meeting/lead scheduling.
  • User calendars (out-of-office/busy) also influenced availability.

Introducing enhancements


1. Admin/Owner Control:

  • Admins/owners can now set vacation/unavailable days for any team member on the dedicated "Vacations" page.
  • This offers greater flexibility and control over team scheduling.
  • Users retain the ability to manage their personal unavailable days.

2. Consolidated Availability

  • Both availability profile and vacation page contribute to determining individual availability.
  • For optimal accuracy, utilize the "Vacations" page for unavailable days.
  • Maintain specific days as unavailable in the availability profile only if different from the "Vacations" page.

3. Weighted Round Robin Algorithm

  • Unavailable days marked on the "Vacations" page are factored into the weighted round robin algorithm.
  • This ensures team members are skipped for meeting/lead allocation when marked unavailable.
  • Promotes fairness in meeting distribution across the team.

4. Dynamic Weight Adjustment

  • User availability in the weighted round robin list automatically adjusts based on unavailable days.
  • This ensures proportional allocation of inbound meetings based on actual working days.
  • For example, a user taking two weeks off will have their weight adjusted to 50% for that month.

Key Terms


  • Interval days: Total days in a month.
  • User interval days: Days a team member is part of the weighted queue (adjusted for mid-month joins).
  • User unavailable days: Days the user is unavailable due to vacation/training/workshop.

Getting Started

  1. Access the "Scheduling => Vacations" page.
  2. Review and update individual unavailable days as needed.
  3. Encourage team members to maintain up-to-date availability.

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