Round Robin Meeting Queue - Optimization for availability

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Optimize for team members availability

This algorithm helps to allocate leads using round robing meeting template on team member's availability basis. Here Round robin meeting template pools the availability of all team members assigned to the meeting Type and shows the unique open slots. This optimizing for availability logic offers maximum availability to appointment invitees and reduces wait times. When a new appointment request comes in via a Round Robin event type, Leadmonk checks the availability of every team member connected to that event type and assigns the appointment based on the Round Robin logic. Because assignments are automated, team members no longer have to spend time messaging/emailing back and forth with invitees to confirm appointment times. This scheduling automation reduces the gap between when appointment requests arrive and when team members follow up and improves your team's responsiveness.

How to create a meeting queue with optimize for team members availability algorithm

To create a meeting queue, you will need to:

1. Go to the Router => Meeting Queues page.

2. Click the +Create new button.

3. Go to the tab "Name and Algo". Here enter a name for your queue and select the assignment algorithm "Optimize for team members availability".

4. Go to the tab "Qualifying rules".

  • A qualifying rule is a condition that must be met in order for a meeting to be assigned to the queue. For example, you could create a qualifying rule that specifies that only meetings with a certain region/industry can be assigned to this queue.
  • If you want to qualify all incoming leads to this queue as qualified, then enable "Qualify all" switch. Then you don't have to define any qualification rules for this queue.
  • If you want to specify qualifying rules to pass inbound lead to this queue, then specify qualifying rules for theis queue by clicking on the button "+ Add rule". This is possible only if the "Qualify all" switch is not on.

5. Go the "Routing action" tab.

  • Select the meeting template field: Select the meeting template relevant for this router.
  • Select team field: Select the team that will be responsible for handling meetings in the queue.
  • Allocate to field: Choose how you want to allocate meetings to team members:
  • Choose "Distribute to all team members" option to consider all members of the team in the queue.
  • Choose "Select manually" option, if you want to select subset of members from the team.

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